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Mice and Mystics and Elves and Dragons

Well, it's been a while since the last post.Lots of minis in the table right now.

Roughly a month ago I bought Mice and Mystics in hopes it will be more successful with my girlfriend than Arcadia Quest (she's not much into the competitiveness of the thing).
Who was going to tell me that 10 years after dumping my Skaven army I would be painting mice again...? Well, here are the Mice heroes. They are still pending the basing but I don't think I'm going to bother with anything complicated for them as they seem like they are going to be at the table fairly often.

Arcadia Quest painting has been slowed by the mice, but I managed to finish Legolas and Rumplestitskin.

Like the original, he has the dark eyebrows. xD
Try to say his name 3 times very fast!
This one was really fun to paint because I had not watched this series (Once upon a time) so I had to research several reference materials on the internet and ask those familiar with the character. I'm also really satisfied with the light effect on his face from the spell. I think it gives a really nice contrast to his grayish skin.

And to finish up. After more than 5 years. I painted Starfire!!

After 3 diferente paintjobs (dark red, deep purple and finally Charizard orange) i've settled for a cholor scheme that combines all of them.

Starfire, ruler of Dragonback Peaks!
Starfire face details.
The wings underside have a starry sky motive

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