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The wail beyond the wall

Well, I already had goblins so the next step was obviously... nope, not orcs: ghosts (yeah, you need to review your videogame references).

I really liked the female ghost concept when I saw the art during the Arcadia Quest Campaign. I'm not really fan of Zombies so the thing that made me but the expansion were the ghosts, the Dread King (the miniature is awesome) and the black knight heroes.

I really liked how the ghost miniatures turned out however i was a bit down by a little mould flaw on the female`s left eye that overextends their pupil. I didn`t want to fill it with putty and risk to leaving it worse so I had to paint it with a bit of caution and hope for the best.

I really liked how the knifes on the male ghosts turned out. It`s a pity I couldn't replicate the same effects on the female knife. 

As a note, if any of you plays BattleCon: Devastation of Indines, the female ghost makes an excellent Baroness Ancella proxy.

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