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Black Brothers and a bit about Delves

Everyone is already getting their hands on Forgotten King and I still have tons of Arcadia Quest minis to paint -_-.

I finished the Black Brothers. They look so cool! They make excellent Death Knights or Vampire Knights.
I also did some more heroes.
 Diva, fabulous in her shiny pink armour.
 Johan. charging his sword. The light effects didn't turn out as good as i would expect, but to be fair it wasn't one of my favourite miniatures either.
 Zahra got the usual leopard bikini treatment. This was a simple miniature to paint but it looks pretty nice on the table.

Also, last week I discover a ruleset called Goalsystem Delves. It's a rulebook that provides rules for rpg dungeoneering but with a focus on miniature gaming. Figures have just 4 stats and there is a lot of diversity and freedom to create monsters and character classes.

This ruleset seems to have been build with Super Dungeon Explore in mind as it has kobolds, Druids that can metamorph, rules for hordes of monsters operating as one in a very simple way...  It looks like the perfect system to play dungeoneering games. Also, their city rules for parties between adventures are the most complete and engaging i've seen so far. There are soo many things to do in the city!!

I want to give it a try as soon as I have some time.

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